5 Ways to Make Your Car Interior Look Brand New
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5 Ways to Make Your Car Interior Look Brand New


As the weather begins to head towards spring here in Nashville, we can’t help but notice the ravages that old man winter has taken on our vehicle. Salty, dirty exterior coordinates nicely with our salty, dirty interior. And although a quick run through your favorite car wash can clean up the outside fairly quickly, tidying up the inside requires a bit more elbow grease on your part. Here are five ways to help make your car’s interior look new again:

a. Depending on if your vehicle has leather or upholstery, your adequate method of cleaning is going to be a bit different. Both options can be vacuumed, so start there to get any residual dirt and crumbs up. Leather seat owners; invest in some good leather cleaning and conditioning products and use accordingly. Have upholstery? Soap, water, and some blotting will help get out any dirt and small stains.

b. Carpet and Mats. The vacuum is again, your friend. You’d be surprised to notice how big a difference a deep vacuuming can make. Remove your floor mats and vacuum and shampoo. If that seems like a hassle or your mats are looking particularly rough, you can purchase a new set at a fairly reasonable price at your local auto store.

c. Interior Wipedown. Invest in some specialty clothes that are made for a car’s interior and get to wiping – the dash, the cup holders, all those little crevices that dirt can make its way into.

d. Buttons, Knobs, & Switches. Missing any buttons or knobs? Have a few switches that are looking pretty well worn? Take a trip to a junk yard and see if you can hunt down replacements. It will be incredibly inexpensive compared to heading to a dealer and it will make a huge difference in enhancing your interior.

e. It’s easy to clean the outside, but we often forget that the inside of your auto’s windows can get pretty splotchy as well. Kid’s finger, dog’s noses, the inside of your car is rampant with assorted marks and prints. Try a quick rubdown with any standard window cleaner.



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