6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Car Smelling Good

6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Car Smelling Good

Everyone loves that fresh, “new car” smell. Unfortunately, as time goes by and you use your vehicle more and more, that inviting smell can be replaced with unpleasant odors. No Smoking ImageWhile you’ll probably never be able to get that new smell back, here are six simple things you can do to help maintain a more pleasant smelling car interior for both you and your passengers.

Keep it Clean – For people who spend a lot of time in their vehicles, things like fast food wrappers and other junk can lead to malodorous results when left behind. You can avoid this by making a point to keep your car interior as clean as possible at all times. Remove any garbage right away, keep clutter at a minimum and vacuum regularly.

No Smoking Section –Few odors are more difficult to combat than cigarette smoke. Even if you have leather upholstery, the smell of stale smoke can absorb and linger for weeks, months or even years. To avoid this problem, make your car a strictly non-smoking area and request that any passengers riding with you abide by this rule. Not only will your car smell better, but it’ll also be more marketable if and when you ever decide to sell it.

Consider the Whole Picture – Unpleasant odors can come from other areas of your vehicle besides the front and back seats. If your nose is telling you something isn’t quite right, check other areas as well, including your trunk, glove box and even under the hood. Maintaining a thoroughly clean car – from front to back and in every crook and crevice will help keep your vehicle smelling fresh all the time.

Be Proactive with Passengers – Certain passengers – like kids and pets – are notorious for making not-so-pleasant-smelling messes in vehicles. If you know you’ll be riding with either of these, preparing ahead can help prevent unwanted odors. Place an old sheet or comforter over the backseat and floor before inviting any canines to ride with you and use spill-proof cups and containers to prevent spills from your younger passengers.

Use an Air Freshener – There are literally dozens of types of air fresheners to choose from, from clip-ons and hangers to packets and sprays. Find a scent you like and experiment with the different types until you find the one that works the best for you. Or, if you’re especially creative, you can try one of these handy DIY air freshener recipes and make your own.

Get it Detailed Regularly – Along with all of these tips, the help of a Nashville car wash professional can do wonders for keeping your vehicle looking and smelling like new. Schedule regular appointments to have your car professionally detailed and you’ll notice a difference in no time!

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