The Three Most Common Types of Car Washes

The Three Most Common Types of Car Washes

“Working at the car wash
Working at the car wash, yeah
Come on and sing it with me, car wash
Sing it with the feeling now, car wash yeah”

The catchy 1976 song that evokes nostalgic disco memories for many but for us at Wash N Roll, it’s a homage to an industry we take deep pride in. Did you know that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the “production line” car wash? A century of innovation and reinvention has lead us to the modern-day car washes of today and we couldn’t be prouder to be apart of it.

That being said, let’s take a look at different types of car washes available to you, their benefits, and what option is best for you:

Self Serve Car Washes: Typically designed as a covered bay in which you pull your vehicle Nashville Car Washinto, self serve car washes are exactly that. The car wash facility provides you with the necessary tools to clean your car (hoses that dispense soap and water, a foam brush to scrub, and wax) and let’s you have at it. Although this is a lower cost option, it also requires you to get out of your car and do the work. The treatments are also timed so you have to move quickly to ensure you get the entire car covered.

Touch-less Automatic Car Washes: This method is similar to a self serve station, but rather than getting out of your vehicle to do the work, an In Bay Automatic (IBA) rolls back and forth over the parked vehicle dispensing water, soap, and wax. Typically slightly more expensive than self serve, these offer the benefit of no work on your part and a more thorough cleaning.

Tunnel System Car Washes: Exactly as it sounds, the tunnel car wash involves a vehicle pulled through a series of cleaning systems – rinse, wash, wax and dry – via a conveyor. Offering the best quality of cleanliness (as well as our personal favorite), the Tunnel System allows patrons a wide range of services, a more detailed cleaning, and can be more environmentally friendly than most other options.

Car wash options, as well as cars themselves, have certainly come a long way in the past century. The development of newer technologies and methods has made car washes an ever-changing industry. Given the strides taken since 1914, we are excited and looking forward to what the next 100 years will bring.

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