Four Tips for Winterizing Your Car

Four Tips for Winterizing Your Car

Much to our disdain, Winter will be in Nashville before we know it. Although we are lucky enough to have mild winter conditions compared to our friends up North, the mere mention of a polar vortex has us reaching for our sweaters and cranking up the heat.

As summer fades into autumn and the temperatures drop, we naturally begin washing our cars less. Unfortunately, this is also when our vehicles require additional attention to maintain their finish throughout the colder months. Salt and ice,Four Tips for Winterizing Your Car | Wash N' Roll and the scrapping it takes to remove it, all wreak havoc on our car’s exterior. Here are a few tips to make this winter a bit easier on your vehicle.

Paint Protection: Look into a good protective wax for your vehicle. Not only will this give your car a nice shine, it will serve as a protective barrier between your car’s finish and all the salt, sand and grime that will be kicked up from the road.

Wheel and Tire Protection: Like a wax job, a good tire cleaning and protective coating will deter additional grime from accumulating on both your wheels and undercarriage. Colder weather also causes tire pressure to drop, so be sure to regularly check your tire pressure. Properly inflated tires ensure maximum traction during wintery conditions.

Windshield Protection: We’ve all been there. Your stuck behind a semi on the interstate and all the sludge from the road is being splattered across your windshield creating a slurry mess that your windshield wipers and washer fluid can barely keep up with. Now is the time to look into replacement wipers – they can make a world of difference in particularly grimy situations. Also, ensure your washer fluid is topped off and keep extra in your car just in case.

Personal Protection: Now is the best time to look into or restock an emergency road-side kit. Winter conditions can too often lead to road side troubles and having an adequate kit to get you through can make a world of difference. Things like food, water, blankets, a flashlight, first aid kit, jumper cables and road side flares can come in handy no matter what the weather throws at you.

Regular washings (when the temperature is warm enough) are imperative in keeping the salt and road from damaging your vehicle’s exterior – we recommend at least once a week. Of course, talk to a car wash professional if you have any questions regarding your car’s condition. We are all sad to see summer go, but with these tips, our vehicles can get through the harsh winter conditions a bit easier.

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