How to Clean Leather Car Seats with Household Products
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How to Clean Leather Car Seats with Household Products

There’s nothing more luxurious than leather seats. The only downside, of course, is cleaning them, right? Not necessarily. Contrary to popular belief, cleaning leather car seats doesn’t have to involve complex processes or expensive equipment. In fact, it is possible to clean leather car seats with common household products you probably already have in your cupboard. Let’s take a look at how to clean leather seats using everyday items.

Start by gathering all of the equipment and products you’ll need. You’ll want to grab:

  • A portable, handheld vacuum
  • Several clean, soft rags
  • Water
  • Gentle liquid soap (regular hand soap will do)
  • A bottle of olive oil

Begin thVacuum cleaner at car washe process by thoroughly vacuuming the entire area you will be cleaning. This helps to remove any excess dust and dirt so that it won’t get on the rag while you’re cleaning. Once all debris has been vacuumed up, saturate one of the clean rags with water. Ring all excess water out of the rag until it is damp but not dripping.

Next, squirt several drops of the liquid hand soap onto the damp rag. Rub the soap into the rag until it is sufficiently hand soapmixed with the water and thoroughly covers the fabric. Now the rag should be ready for cleaning. Use gentle strokes while applying firm pressure to remove dirt and surface stains from the leather. As the rag becomes dirty, replace it with another clean one to avoid spreading dirt further.

Once the entire area has been washed, use another clean, damp rag to remove any excess soap. Then, repeat the process with a clean, dry rag to thoroughly dry the area. Make sure all traces of moisture are removed.

The final step in cleaning leather car seats is applying a protective layer of oil to the entire Olive Oilsurface. To do so, take another clean, dry rag and apply several drops of olive oil. Work the oil into the rag and then use it to massage the oil into the seats. Use firm pressure when applying the oil to ensure that it is properly absorbed into the leather.

When all the oil has been drawn out of the rag, replenish accordingly and repeat the process until all of the surfaces have been adequately oiled. If the surface of the leather is dark, shiny or sticky, use another clean, dry rag to remove the excess oil.

Now you know how to clean leather car seats without having to pay a professional or buy expensive products. Best of all, by performing this task on a regular basis, you will extend the life and look of your leather seats.

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